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4 Tips for Creating Great Presentations

Stand out by differentiating yourself from the crowd. Our world is presentation-saturated; the likelihood of you either presenting or listening to a presentation within the past month is high. Our brains must decide what information to retain, and what information to cut. If your presentation is memorable and catches the eye of your audience, you have a higher chance of them remembering what was presented. Let’s face it: we all want to create great presentations. The question is, what needs to change in your process before you start creating great presentations? You have to set your presentation goals before you start building a presentation, remember creativity matters, take time delving into the design process, and cut down on any excess of information to create great presentations.

Set Your Presentation Goals
Before you start building presentations, decided on what you want to accomplish with your presentation. From there, you can create presentations around specific goals. Your presentation goals guide decisions for design elements, repetition, and layout of your slide decks. They act as blueprints and add flow to your presentation because when you design a presentation with specific goals in mind, everything is centralized around your main points. Coherency drives influence and influence is needed to persuade your audience.

Creativity Matters
Falling into the trap of mediocrity is easy. You fall into a routine of creating every presentation in the same fashion; too many words and images in which you hope to mirror your chosen words. Break out of this creativity trap! Creativity flows when you erase its boundaries. Do not be afraid to use videos, animations, infographics, etc. in your presentations. Presenting a creative slide deck automatically sets your presentation out among the crowd.

Don’t Rush the Design Process
The design process is crucial. A well designed and thought out presentation drives home your main points. Design presentations around your branding and incorporate creative elements into your presentations, all centralized in supporting your presentation goals. Too often people do not think through their presentation’s design, and therefore their presentation does not naturally flow, ultimately hurting their efforts.

Less is More
We all feel tempted to stuff our presentations chock-full of information; this is the downfall of more than one presentation. Be concise. Even though we are all tempted to fill our decks with information, less is actually more. Deliberately choose what information to allow on your slides and summarize your main points; do not leave your listeners with the job of deducing your main points.

That’s It
We have faith that you are well on your way on becoming a master presentation maker. Step up your presentation game by determining your presentation goals before you starting building presentations, remember creativity matters in building your presentations, do not rush the design process, and remember less wording has more potency than throwing too many words on a presentation. We wish you luck in creating and delivering all future presentations! If you ever want more tips and tricks in designing, preparing, or giving presentations, we’ve got you covered.