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7 Examples of Great Presentation Designs and Why We Love Them

In life and for many reasons, if you want to develop a skill, make a change, finish a project, or lead a new lifestyle, it helps to find and follow an example. Not only do examples give us instructions and vision, but they also serve as tangible guides. At Ecos, our passion is working with presentations and seeing the success in your performance goals. We want to give you examples of great presentations as well as tell you why they are so useful. Hopefully, these examples motivate you, inspire you, and prompt you to create amazing and beautiful presentations of your own!

  1. PharmMD

This Nashville, Tennessee based healthcare company decided after 10 years in the business, plus facing exponential growth and success in their industry, that it was time to create a more professional website. PharmMD wanted something that reflected their company profile and accurately conveyed their service lines. We love this presentation by PharmMD because of its beauty and simplicity that incorporates solid branding, clear messaging, and engaging videos.

  1. Vaco

Because Vaco is such a large company consisting of 500+ internal employees across 30 offices, it is important to have reliable messaging throughout the company. This means their core company values need to be concise and accurate across the board. Not only is their presentation visually interesting, but it also summarizes the top priorities of their company. This delivery is customizable and has unique solutions to their most pressing problems.

  1. ObservePoint

ObservePoint’s global network audits millions of pages every month to report data loss, inflation, and leakage to analytic managers and stakeholders of the world’s leading enterprise companies. Is this over your head? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is why they sought to create a variety of animated GIFs and newly designed content to interactively and clearly convey how and why their services are so important. This presentation is great because they managed to take their complex services and simplify them via presentation form.

  1. 10 Powerful Body Language Tips for your next Presentation by SOAP

One thing we particularly like about this presentation is the use of color, font, and imagery. There’s a consistent color scheme throughout and though they use two different fonts, each serves to indicate a particular concept by contrasting with one another. The images are also interesting and engaging, and their presentation is easy to follow and understand.

  1. What Really Differentiates the Best Content Marketers From The Rest by Ross Simmonds

Remember, presentations are crafted for many reasons, even for bloggers. This presentation created by Ross Simmonds is great because of the graphics and his use of presentation as content for his blog. Instead of using boring, stale stock images, this presentation is chock full of beautiful graphics which pull the intended audience in and engages them with what the presenter is aiming to get across.

  1. Work Rules! By Laszlo Bock

It’s amazing how a presentation can convey emotions and themes. We like this presentation because of its fun and lighthearted feel. From the graphics, colors, and fonts, it bespeaks of a good time. Even though there is heavy data included in this presentation, it is easy to read and understand because of the simplicity and layout of its design.

  1. Congratulations Graduate! Eleven Reasons Why I Will Never Hire You. By Mark O’Toole

As stated before, the voice you convey in your presentation matters; it has the power to captivate people or turn them away. This presentation topic is difficult for his intended audience to be interested in so the voice of the presentation was sarcastic and made to be lighthearted, obvious, and necessary. We like the colors, art, and the influence of this presentation.

We’ve enjoyed our trip down great presentation lane and hope you did as well. These collected presentations are meant to serve as guides and inspire you in your presentation endeavors. We wish you the best of success and as always with your presentation. If you ever need to chat, please reach out as we’d love to help!