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When you’re trying to attract the third-largest company in the world, a great workforce, robust infrastructure, and a pro-business climate are just the cost of entry.

You need a story. And it needs to look amazing (check out our presentation we put together)

That’s where Ecos comes in.

Start With the Team

When Amazon began sizing cities up for its massive HQ2 expansion, Nashville knew it had a great story to tell. But the Music City needed to be able to tell it like never before. After all, Nashville was one of 238 cities who finally ended up submitting bids.

To build its bid, the Nashville Chamber of Commerce assembled a team of designers and message strategists from across the city. And they tapped Nashville-built presentation platform Ecos to help deliver the presentation.  Ecos worked with Nashville-based marketing strategy agency The Brand Hotel, and SnapShot Interactive in creating the 46-slide presentation that walked Amazon decision-makers through the Music City’s compelling offering.  The presentation was mirrored in an extremely limited-edition hardback book that served as the physical leave-behind.

Built for Multi-Media Storytelling

Relying on the static one-thought/one-slide storytelling convention central to most presentation software wasn’t going work for telling the story of Nashville: CIty On Fire .

Rich animated media was needed to bring the hundreds of data points to life.  High-resolution photos needed to pop. Last-minute inclusions or substitutions were definitely going to figure into building out this make-or-break presentation. And of course, the whole presentation needed to be loaded and be ready for viewing at an instant with no more than a click of a password-protected link.


The Ideal Presentation Platform for Distributed Teams

The distributed nature of the team and the project’s short turnaround meant that concepting, drafting, review, and approval needed to be frictionless.

Ecos was the ideal tool for building and collaborating on the complex presentation. Unlike Powerpoint’s memory- and storage-intensive desktop footprint, Ecos’s Software as a Service-first approach empowered designers to load and instantly share content as the presentation came together.  The Recent Activity pane on Ecos’s Dashboard gave the entire team visibility with notifications when slides were added or changed.

Centralizing asset storage and sharing also played a huge role in bringing the deck together. As graphics were completed in one office or a completed motion asset was finalized in another office across the city, a simple drag-and-drop upload to the Library created for the project made using the newly available media equally easy.  

The Ideal “Who Saw What When?” Solution

Mapping out the strategy, telling the story, then building the assets to deliver it are only really the start of any successful presentation. The real proof is in how the presentation goes over during and after the actual meeting itself.  And in some cases, your presentation team might not even be able to present in person.

In pitching Nashville to Amazon, the team wanted to be able to keep track of what content was being viewed most often, along with who viewed the presentation, and when they viewed it. Ecos’s built-in analytics track the presentation’s use from delivery to its most recent view and display the updated information on an easy-to-understand Analytics dashboard.

While Nashville: City on Fire was a purpose-built presentation, this analytics reporting is even more helpful in cases where a presentation, or slides within a presentation, are reused. Ecos’s analytics can show the time viewers spend on each slide, providing valuable insights about what content is working and what isn’t.

And In The End…

From a short list of 20 finalists, Amazon ultimately chose two locations for its HQ2 expansion: New York City and northern Virginia. But the November 13 announcement had an additional surprise built in — a 5,000-job operations center expansion in Nashville.

The city’s educated workforce, pro-business/pro-tech environment climate, cultural amenities, and quality of life all helped sell Amazon (along with $102 million in incentives from the state and metro Nashville) on Nashville as a great place to grow.

But we had to tell its story first. That’s why Nashville chose Ecos, the cloud-powered, rich-media friendly presentation platform with business intelligence built right in. Born and built in East Nashville, only Ecos was proven powerful enough to tell the story that closed the deal to bring Amazon to the Music City.