6 Guidelines for captivating live presentations

6 Guidelines for Captivating Live Presentations

    Giving a live presentation shouldn’t cause panic. Whether it’s a conference, the board room, or just to your peers, a live presentation is an amazing opportunity to cement your expertise and compel your audience to believe in your mes... read more.

Presentation Design Made Easy

In most cases, you have less than 30 seconds to make a first impression. Visual design is the single most effective way to get the most out of that small window of time, and convince your audience to extend it just a bit further to listen more. This is how you... read more.

FC2C Podcast: Episode 7 with Cliff Corr, Emma

From Creation To Close is an awesome podcast about how different professionals create brand materials, and how others use that content to close deals. Here at Ecos, we love sponsoring this amazing content! In this episode, host Kristina Dolan sits down with ... read more.

FC2C Podcast: Episode 6 with Nancy VanReece, Batch Nashville

In this episode of the From Creation To Close podcast, hosts sit down with Nancy VanReece, Vice President of Business Development at Batch Nashville. Batch offers curated gifts featuring high-quality, handcrafted items from local makers ideal for personal gif... read more.

A Look Inside Our New Office (A Documentary)

Our team recently moved into an amazing new office in Nashville, Tennessee!  It is an amazing space in a renovated church that has a long and remarkable history.  SnapShot Interactive took the time to create an incredible video on the church and the recent ... read more.

FC2C Podcast: Episode 5 with Janice Reese

In this podcast episode of From Creation To Close, our hosts sit down with Director of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at Clearwater Compliance, Janice Reese.  Janice brings deep health IT expertise, but is also known for her unique balance... read more.

Two Steps To Proving & Improving Marketing ROI

  The scope of a Marketing Team is an ever-changing chameleon as the digital landscape morphs with trending technology and market needs. It used to be that marketers took on a purely strategic role. Nowadays, they are evolving into boots-on-the-ground pro... read more.

FC2C Podcast: Episode 4 with Tom Mitchell

In this episode of From Creation To Close, our hosts sit down with Tom Mitchell, Strategy Marketing Executive. Tom is a 30-year marketing veteran with a focus on building strategies and using integrated marketing techniques. He’s led companies through corpo... read more.

How to Achieve Marketing and Sales Alignment

  Have you ever noticed that sales and marketing teams always seem to be butting heads? Marketing wishes they could keep sales reps using up-to-date images and messaging, and sales often needs more content from their marketing teams to do their jobs effec... read more.

Ecos Presents: Lola Zieman

Lola’s Favorites! What does your role entail as Client Success Manager? As client success manager, it is my job to increase the overall satisfaction for each client. I will act as an Account Manager solving problems that arise as well as being the key co... read more.