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5 Ways to Prepare for a Presentation

5 Ways to Prepare for a Presentation
Presentations can be time-consuming for many people when it comes to preparation. If you conceive, build, and rehearse the presentation long before you are getting ready to walk out the door, that will surely help save you time. Try not to make changes to your presentation and move slides around last minute either, as thisRead More

How to Make your Presentation a Memorable One

How to Make Your Presentation a Memorable One
Take a little time to make your presentation stands out among the crowd. Yes, you will be noticed and people will listen and be intrigued by your presentation –  own it! Using content that makes a memorable presentation helps to illustrate and support the speaker’s main points and is a sure-fire way to grab andRead More

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Ecos

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Ecos
Do presentations stress you out? We feel you. Luckily, there is a way to take your current presentation process to the next level, eliminating stress while you’re at it! Ecos is not only one of the hottest new marketing tools out there (self-proclaimed, but also probably true), it can help you grow your business andRead More

Design ToolKit

The dictionary definition of the word “design” displayed on a smartphone screen
Please download Ecos’ recommended templates. When designing slides for the Ecos platform, please refer to this guide to ensure your deck is suited for a digital presentation and important content doesn’t get cut off the screen. We have a Photoshop PSD, an InDesign document, a PPT file, and a PDF with more specific recommendations aboutRead More

6 Guidelines for Captivating Live Presentations

6 Guidelines for captivating live presentations
Giving a live presentation shouldn’t cause panic. Whether it’s a conference, the board room, or just to your peers, a live presentation is an amazing opportunity to cement your expertise and compel your audience to believe in your message. How can you maximize this great opportunity? Our team has six guidelines to help create aRead More

FC2C Podcast: Episode 7 with Cliff Corr, Emma

emma interview
From Creation To Close is an awesome podcast about how different professionals create brand materials, and how others use that content to close deals. Here at Ecos, we love sponsoring this amazing content! In this episode, host Kristina Dolan sits down with Cliff Corr, Director of Client Success at Emma, an email marketing platform. Cliff is responsible forRead More

Presentation Design Made Easy

man designing a logo on laptop
In most cases, you have less than 30 seconds to make a first impression. Visual design is the single most effective way to get the most out of that small window of time, and convince your audience to extend it just a bit further to listen more. This is how you beat the noise ofRead More

FC2C Podcast: Episode 6 with Nancy VanReece, Batch Nashville

batch nashville interview
In this episode of the From Creation To Close podcast, hosts sit down with Nancy VanReece, Vice President of Business Development at Batch Nashville. Batch offers curated gifts featuring high-quality, handcrafted items from local makers ideal for personal gifts, corporate gifts, events and weddings. They started in Nashville, TN, but have spread to other cities aroundRead More

A Look Inside Our New Office (A Documentary)

ecos building
Our team recently moved into an amazing new office in Nashville, Tennessee!  It is an amazing space in a renovated church that has a long and remarkable history.  SnapShot Interactive took the time to create an incredible video on the church and the recent renovation. The documentary is called, Journey to Riverside. Here are some funRead More