A Look Inside Our New Office (A Documentary)

Our team recently moved into an amazing new office in Nashville, Tennessee!  It is an amazing space in a renovated church that has a long and remarkable history.  SnapShot Interactive took the time to create an incredible video on the church and the recent renovation. The documentary is called, Journey to Riverside.

Here are some fun facts about our new headquarters, 1530 Riverside Drive:

  • It was formerly Riverside Drive Church of Christ.
  • The lower level of the building was built in 1937, and the main level was built after WWII.
  • Original builders used construction designs they learned while at war. The long red truss design was used for airport hangers, and the one long piece of metal allows for support without columns. 
  • The barrel ceiling was originally hidden behind a drop ceiling. When it was removed, the wood and trusses were exposed, and all but a couple of pieces of wood in the current ceiling are original to the building.
  • The main level floor was sloped for auditorium seating, so this was removed and reclaimed use throughout the building.
  • The I-beams that were holding up the floor have been reclaimed for the end legs to the center work table.

Watch Journey to Riverside here and let us know what you think!