Ecos Presents: Lola Zieman

Lola’s Favorites!

Revivalist and/or The Rolling Stones, Kings of Leon… gotta love a good boy band amirite?

Anywhere on the beach… specifically “Lost at Z”

Dance Move
Swing dancin with my pops… couple show-stoppers if I do say so myself.

TV Show

What does your role entail as Client Success Manager?

As client success manager, it is my job to increase the overall satisfaction for each client. I will act as an Account Manager solving problems that arise as well as being the key communicator between the Ecos Team and our users.   

What’s one thing a lot of people don’t know about you?

I have the same exact birthmark as my dad. Same exact one.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Ecos?

The kindness. Everyone here looks out for one another and is always willing to help when help is needed.

What’s your personal BHAG?

I would love to complete a half marathon or triathlon sometime in the near future. My professional goal would be to learn as much as I can and develop the skills that will help grow within the business world.