FC2C Podcast: Episode 4 with Tom Mitchell

In this episode of From Creation To Close, our hosts sit down with Tom Mitchell, Strategy Marketing Executive. Tom is a 30-year marketing veteran with a focus on building strategies and using integrated marketing techniques. He’s led companies through corporate rebranding initiatives, new product launches, portfolio diversification and acquisitions.

“Sales and marketing teams in a company are spread out, and you have to manage not only the flow of communication, but also the content flow,” says Mitchell. “There’s nothing worse for a marketing executive than seeing a sales rep pull out a piece of collateral that went out of date two years ago. You have to put a system in place to manage content and keep it fresh.”

Listen as Tom weighs in on:

  • How marketing should be working hand in hand with sales
  • The power of direct mail
  • Benefits of third party perspective in marketing
  • How to manage communication among a spread out team