FC2C Podcast: Episode 3 with Jonathan Martini

In this episode of From Creation To Close, hosts have a conversation with Jonathan Martini, the new Vice President of Digital at SnapShot Interactive. Jonathan is a transplant in Nashville, having moved from Silicon Valley where he worked with companies such a... read more.

First Inaugural Nashville Content Week

Our team here at Ecos is extremely excited to share that we will be sponsoring the First Inaugural Nashville Content Week! It’s going to be a full week of learning, sharing and networking for digital content creators and marketers. Each night this week t... read more.

Staying On-Brand, It Just Got Easy.

    Staying on-brand is something we hear about all the time, and for good reason. A well-managed, recognizable and reliable brand is crucial to the positive growth of a business. Even so, it’s an area that companies often struggle to maintain and ... read more.

FC2C Podcast: Episode 2 with Frank Otero

In the second episode of the “From Creation To Close” podcast, our hosts chat with Frank Otero, Director of Post Production at SnapShot Interactive. It’s important for marketers and sales people to understand all steps in the selling proces... read more.

Ecos is Sponsoring a New Podcast

We’re excited to share that Ecos is sponsoring a new podcast – From Creation To Close! The podcast is created by SnapShot Interactive, our partner and a well-established digital agency. From Creation To Close hosts will be interviewing members o... read more.

How Marketing Assets and Tools Can Improve Onboarding

  Onboarding new employees can be a long and costly process for many companies. Human Resources professionals will be the first to tell you that the scheduling and training involved can eat up a lot of time and resources very quickly. Luckily, there are t... read more.

We’re Moving to a New HQ – Old Church Gets New Life

  We are excited to announce that our Ecos team is moving to a new headquarters in East Nashville! Our sister company, SnapShot Interactive, has been doing some amazing research to learn more about the history of the church that we are renovating.  Take ... read more.

What Does Your Non-Verbal Communication Say About You?

    Not everyone is born to be a public speaker – in fact few of us are – but in a world driven by information technology and extreme marketing, pairing verbal with non-verbal communication is a skill that’s becoming more vital. In fact, many j... read more.

New Year, New Ways to Save Time

  Is it just us, or does it seem like time speeds up a little with every year that passes? We always need just a few extra minutes (or hours) to get everything we need done in the allotted 24-hour time frame. So since (to our knowledge) no one has figured... read more.

Ecos Presents: Tracie Martin

Tracie’s Favorites! What do you do as Director of Business Development? As Director of Business Development, I build relationships and through the relationships, I grow awareness of Ecos. With the growing awareness of Ecos, as Director of Business Devel... read more.