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Presentation Best Practices You Need to Know

Creating a presentation may not be complicated, but creating an effective presentation is. Our team lives and breathes presentations every day, learning what works and what doesn’t, and it’s time we shared that knowledge. Here are the presentation tips you need to know:   The Fewer Slides the Better You’ve heard it before – don’t put 50+ slidesRead More

Meet us at Marketing United

The Ecos team is heading to Marketing United 2016 at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, and we can’t wait to meet with all our fellow marketers and industry professionals. This year’s line up is a great group of speakers, with people like Jay Baer, Scott Stratten, Ann Handley, Scott Harrison, Aaron Draplin and many more.Read More

Boosting Business One Presentation At A Time: Part 3

5 Tips For Giving Effective Presentations It’s no secret that first impressions are the most important, so making sure your presentations showcase your brand’s message is essential. In our last blog post, we talked about how Ecos is helping businesses effectively achieve this goal, but here are a few other tips that can help you increaseRead More

Case Study: Emma Email

Marketing extraordinaire, Emma, wanted a consistent and comprehensive way to tell their story to a multitude of clients in various verticals. They also needed a high level of flexibility to tailor their pitch at will. ECOS built a consolidated brand-approved sales platform that enabled the Emma team to aggregate compelling sales data and metrics inRead More

Boosting Business One Presentation At A Time

people in casual office working
  Building Bridges To Success Success. It’s what we as professionals strive to achieve each day. What exactly makes your business successful though? Is it increasing profit margins? Is it building your brand and your organization as one through sales enablement? Maybe it’s a combination of both. No matter how you define success, the Ecos platformRead More

Innovative Presentation Software Company Launches in Nashville

person making ecos presentation on laptop
ECOS introduces software to simplify and align business presentations Maintaining a consistent brand can be challenging for any business. It’s especially difficult if multiple people are creating business presentations with different versions of logos and messaging. Nashville-based company ECOS is solving that problem with innovative software that eliminates the need to create presentations from scratchRead More

4 Steps to Increase Your Sales Pitch’s ROI

No matter how diverse your recruiting efforts, every sales team struggles with three chronic close-stopping challenges: confidence in the pitch, self-assurance, and readiness. The simple fact is that audiences buy from salespeople who portray confidence, in both their personal presentations and in the consistency of the documents and proposals they present. Sales teams who hitRead More