Two Steps To Proving & Improving Marketing ROI


The scope of a Marketing Team is an ever-changing chameleon as the digital landscape morphs with trending technology and market needs. It used to be that marketers took on a purely strategic role. Nowadays, they are evolving into boots-on-the-ground producers of well-rounded collateral with a larger toolbox of skills and responsibilities, from creating retargeting ads to drafting messaging to managing content for the sales team. The stakes are higher, the ‘to do’ lists longer, skill sets broader, and the focus on brand management is sharper than ever before.

Yet, somehow, while marketing is constantly stretching their bandwidth to keep the company on track, they still face the age-old inquiries from the finance department, and struggle to prove that Marketing is a growth center not a cost center. The struggle to prove marketing ROI is real, but with a plate full of projects, how does a team stay efficient and prove their worth to the overall financial growth of the company. The simple answer is a streamlined process for content management, and analytics to track its success and qualify ROI to the big dogs.

First, you need to consolidate and lock in your content so you can quit reinventing the wheel. This allows everyone to align on company branding and most importantly, allows you to actually manage it. Second, you need to track that content and build insights around it.


Keeping an entire team following brand guidelines with every contract, post, and proposal is no easy task. Let’s ask ourselves a few questions here.

  • Are your company’s organizational standards met by every one of your team members?
  • Do they use the latest style guide with every piece of content they publish or use?
  • Does your team put the newest versions of content in place and delete old versions?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these, your marketing team needs a system to manage content and keep revision control in check for all internal departments. If your business is spread out among many locations, with sales people working remotely, it’s even more important to keep teams aligned and on-brand while avoiding duplicate work and wasting valuable time.

The best way to do this is a cloud-based tool with assigned marketing admins. A central dashboard provides the right content to internal teams that need to spend more time doing their jobs and less time searching for content (and often throw up their hands and grab something on their desktop from 2012 with an old logo). Freeing marketers from having to provide custom, branded, good-looking materials to each individual request gives them hours back to their work week.


If you have all of your content consolidated in one central dashboard with specific permissions for each employee, you can not only see how your teams are actually using it, you have conquered the first step to proving ROI. Now, you can keep tabs on that content by tracking its journey to see what works and what engages the right people.

What if you could see every person that opened your information, when they opened it and how many seconds they spent on specific topics that interest them? What if you could work with the sales team to compare your audiences to closed deals and the direct revenue it produced?

That is some powerful data on what works and what resonates with your audience, and how marketing efforts convert to company profit. Need more marketing budget? Show your CFO that the beautiful company video was watched 14 times by that new enterprise-level client that signed that hefty contract. Watch how much faster he approves your proposal for new interactive materials this time.

Our team is a group of marketers who created Ecos to help prove marketing ROI while making the lives of our salespeople better and more productive. If you’d like to see how Ecos can help you and your company, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to sit down and brainstorm with you.