Case Studies

Marketing Extraordinaire Emma wanted a consistent and comprehensive way to tell their story to a multitude of clients in various verticals. They also needed a high level of flexibility to tailor their pitch at will. Ecos built a consolidated brand-approved sales platform that enabled the Emma team to aggregate compelling sales data and metrics in virtually no time at all, with an added creative flexibility that made each presentation distinct and prospect specific.

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The print service firm RJ Young needed a fresh approach to recruit and train new sales representatives. And with a diverse portfolio of printing products and varying market segments, the training tool needed to be comprehensive and detail oriented. Using a clear and well-defined narrative, Ecos delivered an interactive module that walked new sales reps through the RJ Young on-boarding orientation with efficiency and measurable results. The module was also utilized to help build new sales presentations based on the extensive data that had been collected for the training platform.

St. Louis-based Schneider Electric needed to showcase its Energy Management Life Cycle process in a touch screen environment within their corporate office. They also wanted a mobile platform that could be rolled out to their off site sales team. Ecos delivered an interactive presentation module that dynamically demonstrated the Life Cycle in the corporate environment, as well showing up on numerous sales tablet screens in prospective offices throughout the company’s service area.

HealthStream’s brand was taking on a life of its own — showing up in various iterations in literally hundreds of sales presentations. The online healthcare pioneer needed the brand to be presented in a uniform manner, regardless of where and when it was used. Ecos brought all of the company’s marketing and sales assets onto a single platform, cleaned up the off-brand information, and then granted limited access to the sales force. Now reps build their own presentations in far less time from a single online location. And everyone is presenting the same story.