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Ecos Analytics: How Ecos Can Help You Close Deals


We’re pretty big on analytics and the information you can gather from it. When we built our platform, we wanted to make sure that we had awesome analytics tools and features so that we could gather as much information as possible from viewers, team members, and specific slides.

Presentation Views in Real Time

One thing we love about our product is that when we send out a presentation to a potential client, we can see when they opened it, and what slides they spent their time on. We can even see the city that the person viewed the presentation from. This feature has helped us time and time again, as we can see what slide(s) the person viewed the most, and how long they viewed the specific slides. We can also see if the person forwarded the slide deck to someone else on their team. Here is an example of what that could look like for you.


Notifications Received

Aside from knowing who viewed the slides or slide deck, we added a notification feature to the Ecos product, so that instead of having to check to see if someone viewed your slide, users are notified if someone has opened or viewed the slide deck. By seeing if someone opened the slide deck, we are able to know that they saw it, and can follow up with the person shortly after to answer any questions he or she may have. Below is an example of a notification you would get.

In short, Ecos allows users to see which slides were viewed the most, who specifically viewed them the most, and how long someone viewed individual slides. We also send notifications when someone has opened or looked at a presentation. These features have helped us close deals because we are able to know what the person was interested in the most, and were able to mention that specific slide’s content to the person. 

We have seen our clients close deals because of the analytics that Ecos features, as well as ourselves. To learn more about the features that Ecos offers, let us know. We’d love to chat about it!