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Focused, Intuitive & Powerful

Renew company confidence with one place your teams can access the most up-to-date content, create content guaranteed to be on-brand, and track the performance of their presentations. Ecos is the push you need to begin thinking about your presentations from a more creative and impactful perspective.



In the Ecos Dashboard, see all of your latest presentations, recent team activities, and new content added to the library. Jump directly into the performance of your presentations or share one with a new prospect.

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Store all presentation decks in one personalized library, while having the option to view the entire team’s presentations as well. At a glance, see high-level statistics of each presentation, including the number of slides, average time on presentation, views, creation date, and date of last edits.

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Upload all slides, PDFs, images, and other marketing-approved content to one library. Easily search for specific slides, update existing slides, and arrange all of your content into recognizable categories.

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Team Stats

View the analytics of your team’s Ecos usage for a specific time period. See overall utilization rate, presentation views, builds, logins, most consumed content, and how often each team member logs in.

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Robust feature set allowing for maximum adaptabilty

Custom slides
Speaker notes
User groups
Offline mode
Voice over
Optical Character Recognition
Real-time Editing
Presentation Cloning