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Caitlin’s Favorites

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What does your role as Director of Client Happiness entail?

In everyday terms, I’m a Project Director. I help clients through the process of making their goals a reality in the smoothest possible way. I take “I want a presentation that is going to tell our company’s story and close the business deal… so make it look great and be able to do all this cool stuff”… and turn that into real directives for our creative team: videos, animations, branding, backend development, tech functionality and everything in between. I field questions and issues and produce the answers or proper actions to solve them on a dime, so our clients can unify their marketing and branding teams and get out there selling their product and wowing prospective business partners as fast as possible.

You have past experience as a designer. Do you incorporate that experience at Ecos? 

Many times clients aren’t sure what they want but they know they want a “wow” factor. I help them brainstorm their vision and come up with creative ways to tell their stories and share their business content in an engaging way. Luckily, I’ve picked up some valuable tech knowledge along the way which helps imagine new functionality and cool ideas we can develop as a nimble new tech start up. When our designers have a full roster of projects, I can jump into the design work myself so we can meet important deadlines, or turnaround important client edits. Everyone is a swiss arm knife* around here. *Term coined by my partner in crime at Ecos, my favorite gal, Marketing Director, Kristina Dolan

Notes in a Notebook or on a Computer?

Notebook ALL the way. I like to draw, take notes and listen at the same time. I also refuse to read on a device. Books forever! For working at a tech start up, I must admit I have a serious old school side.

What has been your biggest challenge working at Ecos? 

We have so many cutting-edge ideas and goals on our product road map. I am so excited, sometimes I want to run full sprint! I often have to tell myself to slow down, shorty.


Caitlin helps keep our team on track and our clients happy. You can see other people she’s worked with on our Case Study page.