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25 per month for Plus if paid annually
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Feature NameFeature DescriptionProPlusEnterprise
Scale your business to your needs
Online Storage How much content the dashboard will hold -- includes videos, slides, animations etc.
Content Management
Content Organizer Selected company admin upload, organize, and distribute content
Upload Content Import files from Desktop, Company Server, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Powerpoint, and more
Version Control Version control for the most up-to-date content in sales and marketing dashboard
Team Collaboration Share and track successful presentations across the team
Brand Confidence
Brand Control All slides have locked in branded content
Templates Two basic custom company branded templates
Unlimited Templates Unlimited custom templates with individualized functionality
User Management
User Management Admins can create and delete users + permissions
Dashboard Capabilities Dashboard tab that holds live feed of user activity, last content uploaded, etc.
Presentation Options
Autoplay Auto loop the presentation and adjust the timing for events, trade shows, lobby screens -- creating an affordable video with interactive content
Speaker Notes Marketing can attach notes to a slide to guide talk track and the presenter can edit and add additional points for specific presentation
Slide Transitions Options on how your slides will flow
Page Numbers Add page numbers for digital and downloaded PDF presentations, that auto adjust as you rearrange slides.
IFrame Imbed Code Auto generates the code to embed a presentation in your blog or website, increasing SEO and interactive content for your digital marketing needs
Audio Studio Record voice-over on each individual slide to create a customized story when you can't present in person
Parent/Child Accounts Large companies can push content to a variety of individual accounts that have their own URL and user groups
Security Options
Slide Group/Tagging System Tag groups and individuals within your organization to control what content they can access, and what content is confidential
Login Forms Require a view to type in name, email or company name in order to view your presentation -- auto syncing to the analytics dashboard
Download as PDF Convert a live link/digital presentation to a printable PDF for your desktop - you can toggle it on and off to make sure no one saves your content if its proprietary
Password Protection Require a password to view presentations
Trackable Decks Track open rates, slide views and time spent on individual pages
Notifications Receive email and text when someone opens your presentation
Enhanced Data: Location See where your presentation is being opened via IP address
Salesforce Integration Integration with SalesForce to track what leads are seeing content
Concierge Service
Custom Team Onboarding Private webinars for teams within your organization and assigned Customer Success Manager to work with you and ensure your team's success
Chat Feature Live chat with tech support anytime you'd like
Personalized Tech Support A project manager on hand to answer questions and facilitate design/added functionality of your projects and presentations every working business day