Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ecos?

Ecos is a presentation software that allows companies to create pitch perfect presentations that are easily edited and managed to ensure each one is on-brand. The easy-to-use platform allows users to create, deploy, and track presentations from a centrally located dashboard in a cloud-based environment. Designated admins, often on the marketing team, can monitor brand standards and update content, such as data, video or photos, to ensure their sales teams’ presentations always convey the right message.

What kind of companies benefit the most from the Ecos platform?

Companies or brands that have a marketing team working to arm their sales team with the best possible content to go out and make a sale would benefit the most from Ecos. It can be difficult to keep teams on the same page in evolving businesses, and Ecos solves that problem by streamlining the presentation creation process. While this is one of the most beneficial situations, any brand or company with a team that creates presentations would benefit from using Ecos. It doesn’t matter if the team is marketing, sales, human resources, or something else. If a group of people are creating presentations, using Ecos will be a win-win for everyone.

Can I upload my own slides to Ecos?

Yes! Ecos is designed to make it easy for users to upload slides that your team is already using. Any time your team sees a need for a new slide or updated content on an existing slide, you can simply go into the dashboard and upload it from there. You can either replace an existing slide with the new one, or just add a new one to the repository.

Does Ecos integrate with Salesforce?

Yes, we do integrate with Salesforce! Ecos integrates with a client’s Salesforce account in a few different ways. Our out-of-the box integration is done by adding the Ecos custom object to your Salesforce account, keeping things nice and tidy for your Salesforce admins and data wizards. By doing this, it allows for cross authentication between the two systems and begins to update your current leads and contacts with presentation information. Then you have the additional option to inject granular data into the notes field.

Doesn’t fit your need? Thats where our custom integration comes into play for our enterprise clients. We work to extend the custom object specifically for your account and team needs. This allows us to create custom dashboards that help you track close-rate to presentation-rate, ROI and utilization of your sales team and leads, and so much more.

How easy is it to share an Ecos presentation?

It was important to us to make presentations built on the Ecos platform as easy to share as possible. When viewing a presentation, you simply click the icon to open the menu and select “Share.” From there you can either email the presentation to someone, or share it out on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

Does your team offer slide design help?

Yes! If you are interested in using the Ecos platform but don’t have the resources to create or refresh your existing slides, we’ve got you covered. Our team has some amazing designers that can help create sleek new slides, or even freshen up your existing slide designs, while sticking to your brand guidelines. Contact us to find out more about pricing for slide design.

Can you prove the ROI for Ecos?

Yes, we did our due diligence to make sure that our clients could see the value of Ecos, both qualitative and quantitative. Not only does Ecos give your marketing team full control of branding and messaging in sales efforts, but it also cuts down the time your sales people spend making custom decks by 88%. That is 88% more time your team spends on revenue-generating sales efforts!

One Ecos client, with a sales team of 350 sales people, saw amazing results after implementing the tool. Each of those 350 salespeople used to spend an average of one hour creating a customized PowerPoint presentation. Now using Ecos, it takes them an average of 41 seconds. If each of those salespeople make 5 custom decks per week, that’s more more than 4 1/2 hours they get back.

What analytics are tracked?

Using the Ecos presentation platform you can track total slides viewed, popular presentations, presentation views, total engagement, average time on presentation, locations viewed, devices used, and more. We are more than happy to show you what all of this looks like! Send us a message and we’ll show you the platform first hand.

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