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Ecos is a presentation tool that keeps teams aligned and on-brand.

Built for on-the-go

As marketers, salespeople, human resource managers and professional service providers, you already know what your pitch needs to be. What you don’t always have is a resource that can readily format that pitch into an efficient, stylish, thought-provoking presentation.

Ecos is your solution. Don't take our word, hear it from a user!


An interface for perfection

Once your framework is delivered, you can create, deploy, and track your presentations from a central dashboard while also controlling the brand standards. This ensures that a presentation’s content is always up-to-date and on message. And because any and all changes auto-populate, the sales team is always presenting from the same digital page.

Ecos partners utilize real-time analytics to monitor the number of slide views, presentation lengths, and prospect engagement to better understand the impact of their pitch. This seamless feature also helps to strengthen your future presentations based on real data and audience reactions.

Ecos digs great presentations -

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Meet the Ecos leadership team

Ben Rigsby

Chief Creative Officer

Kristina Dolan

Director of Marketing

Mark Scrivner

Chief Operating Officer

Caitlin Mello

Director of Client Success

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