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Marketers have always been required to wear multiple hats. From mapping out consistent messaging to creating compelling visual assets and optimized content, the ability to both guide brand messaging and maintain it in a real-world environment can be challenging.

No place is this more immediately apparent than when marketers function in sales enablement and brand activation roles.  The ability to tell the a consistent story to every audience every time is a key responsibility for marketers. Tools like Ecos can make message deployment more efficient and more consistent than ever.

Build and Deploy Stronger GTM Plans

The best marketing campaign in the world is an expensive fail when all the elements aren’t deployed where, when, and how they’re meant to be deployed.  Smart marketers create a detailed go-to-market plan.  This detailed, action-driven tactical plan is used to clarify roles and deliverables needed to successfully launch a new product or service.

Having put significant time and effort into the creation of a go-to-market (GTM) plan, marketers are frequently charged with introducing it to the company’s various functional areas.  Marketing may even have the added responsibility of getting outside players like sales rep forms and vendor partners read in as well. Tools like Ecos makes these kick-offs happen much more smoothly, whether it’s a one-on-one deskside run-through or presenting to an international sales group across multiple time zones.

From building the presentation to sharing it across the enterprise, Ecos’s intuitive interface makes it easy for non-designers to create and share  attractive, easy-to-read slides and presentations that can:

  • Use on-brand, pre-approved content as building blocks for your presentation
  • Incorporate charts from your project management software
  • Display high-resolution images including photographs
  • Repurpose existing on-brand assets and decks
  • Be quickly customized as needed
  • Incorporate on-brand, pre-approved content

Complex product launches require marketers to zero in on what information is truly important to a given audience. For example, Sales may need to know specifics about in-store merchandising programs and sell-in strategies, while Support needs to know more about how the product works, and what advertising/marketing messages the end-user will see.

Ecos enables marketing leads to tailor content to each audience without creating multiple (and often conflicting) assets.  Ultimately, because assets are shared across presentations, key messaging points remain consistent no matter who the audience is.

Keep Track Of Who’s Sharing, Sending and Seeing What When

To paraphrase William Gibson, “The plan already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” Distributing presentations, whether they’re GTM decks or not, is typically where signals get crossed and messaging gets muddled. That’s because presentation software like PowerPoint or Google Slides makes it very easy for anyone to grab a presentation, make “helpful updates” and in doing so, garble the message completely.

The result often ends up being multiple versions of the presentation that one is all but guaranteed of receiving inaccurate or outdated information. No one ever means to share inaccurate info.  But it’s inevitable.

Ecos makes sharing consistent and approved presentations easy.  But it also allows precise control over who can see decks, download them, and even share them.

  • Set viewing permission levels from fully public to single, password-protected, time-limited viewers
  • Establish user groups with varying permission levels
  • Set sharing and downloading permissions

All of which means that you’ve got much more control over who can see and use your presentation.

Know What Works

“If you build it, they will come” is a sweet sentiment for a movie.  But it’s a lousy strategy for getting your presentation reviewed and acted upon.  The more teams you have involved with your project or brand activation, the more opportunities there are for important players to not pay attention to mission-critical information.  Launch Day is not the ideal time to find out that your contracted brand ambassadors haven’t fully reviewed the How To Demo video you prepared.

This is where Ecos shines.  Ecos’s baked-in analytics dashboard gives you a live view of everything that’s happening with your presentations:  who’s seen it, how long they viewed it, which slides they’ve viewed, and even where they were when they viewed.



User analytics are also a powerful tool for measuring viewer engagement.  In the same way that web analytics can tell you when viewers grow tired of or confused by your web content, Ecos’s ability to show what’s being viewed and how long viewers stay can be helpful in tweaking content that isn’t working.

And because the entire presentation is cloud-based, publishing an updated or corrected presentation is accomplished with a single click.  Which means that everyone from the farthest-flung field office to the cubicle next door is seeing the most up-to-date information available.

Marketing teams have always been called upon to fill many different roles.  But the most important part you and your group play is that of maintaining message consistency. Using Ecos’s secure, trackable presentation platform, you can spend less time juggling, mass emails, confused users, and out-of-sync teams, and more time honing your message and growing your business.