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It’s hard out here for a manager. Whether you oversee a sales force of 2 remote reps or you’re an operations manager for a global company, your day is likely a delicate balance of too many meetings, too many emails, and not enough time. reports that disjointed processes, project management, and alignment with other functional areas are among the key challenges facing sales managers. At the same time, Kettering University reports that effective communication is one of five key challenges facing operations management.

Notice a theme?

Whether you’re responsible for getting the thing made or getting the thing sold, effectively establishing and communicating goals and progress is crucial.  Which means you’ve got to get better at telling compelling stories that inform and motivate.

Whether you’re energizing your sales force for the upcoming quarter, or onboarding your outbound logistics team on the new process, chances are that you’re going to prepare then use a presentation (or deck or slideshow or powerpoint) to get your points across.

No More Dead-End Decks

How much time do you spend on creating a presentation? From outlining what you want to say to publishing the final deck, industry norms vary from 1 to 3 hours per slide as a good rule of thumb.

Are you getting the most out of this time? Probably not.

That’s because most presentations get built on your desktop or laptop, are shown once, then filed away.  Occasionally you might email the final deck. But as a whole, your hard work is likely languishing away on a hard drive somewhere.  

You’ve created the dreaded Dead-End Deck.

Using a full-featured online presentation builder like Ecos pulls your presentations out of the dead-end and lets your work function as the knowledge tool you need to keep your sales force, or any workgroup, informed.

Ecos is built around a secure library of slides, videos, and other content that you upload, layout, then save to the cloud. Easy-to-create slide styles can be adapted to your corporate or brand identity, then used over and over again.

No more dead-end decks. Now you have consistency built in.

Can You Send It To Me When We’re Done?

Typically, your first to-do following a presentation is sending the slides to all the attendees.  But once you’ve sent it, how much control do you have over the content, or who sees it?

Traditional presentation software like Microsoft Powerpoint allows a certain degree of security to be enabled.  But sharing is hardly intuitive. And typically, sending out a .ppt is almost an invitation to have your slides edited, revised, and shared with anyone with an email address.

Ecos makes is simple (and secure) to show, share, and send presentations to as many or few recipients as you choose.  Once you’ve created your presentation, you decide how widely you want it shared. You can set time limits, forwarding limits, even downloading limits.  And powerful analytics give you insights as to who’s viewed, what they’ve paid the most attention to and more.

So now, when they ask, “can you send it to me?” you can not only send it, you can manage your presentation’s life from the first presentation to end-of-life.

Time Is Money Is Time

Effective managers add value by maintaining focus on the bigger picture. Developing and improving processes, mentoring talent, looking for growth opportunities, and achieving quality and profitability goals are a manager’s key responsibilities.  Along the way, you’re going to need to communicate where you’re headed, and how you’re doing along the way. Which almost invariably means making presentations to your team and to company leadership.

Minimizing the amount of time you spend spent fighting with the tools you use to communicate progress and direction is a huge step you can take to making better use of the limited time you have.

Ecos is the perfect presentation solution for managers who don’t have the time (or interest) to become graphic designers. Intuitive text tools and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop approach to uploading media like videos, photos, and graphics.

Once the presentation’s overall style is established using your company’s logos, corporate color scheme, and typefaces, it is quick and easy to create focused presentations. Managers can spend more time on sharing project statuses, expanding on ideas, or outlining future plans, and less time designing the container for those ideas.

This means that once the presentation itself is complete, you can spend more time perfecting your delivery.  

As a manager, you likely have far more demands on your time than you have time itself. Seeking out tools that let you focus more on message and direction can be a great step toward winning some of that time back. Let us know how we can help you win some time back.