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The Harvard Business review makes it clear:

[T]here is no question that, when Sales and Marketing work well together, companies see substantial improvement on important performance metrics: Sales cycles are shorter, market-entry costs go down, and the cost of sales is lower.”

Alignment around a common message is crucial to eliminating sales/marketing missteps. For that alignment to take place, sales leaders need to be confident that the tools and materials they use to deliver their pitch are buttoned up and will work without fail. Marketing leaders need to know that the assets they create are being used to advance the company’s brand.

Ecos is a powerful online presentation platform that makes it easier to create sales and marketing alignment that pays off in smoother communications and better, more memorable presentations that get results.

Get The Pitch Right. Quickly.

By some measures, you’ve got your audience’s full attention for about 10 minutes. After that, your prospects start eyeing their phones, doodling, and otherwise disconnecting from what you’re saying. It’s likely that it’s not you, it’s your presentation.

In 1999, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin landed $11.8 million in funding with just 17 slides and an 11-word mission statement. “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

While we might not all be able to go out and sell the idea that grows into a Fortune 50 company, we can benefit from what Larry and Sergey accomplished. They didn’t spend dozens of slides on features.  They focused on benefits. They worked hard to get their message right. Then they delivered it quickly.

Deliver the Message Consistently.

Ecos’s powerful presentation builder makes is easy to deliver and expand the message you’ve worked so hard to refine and to keep the sales pitch consistent. At its heart, Ecos acts as a library for pre-formatted, pre-approved slides.  Creating a new presentation is simply a matter of dragging and dropping the needed slides, ordering them for the meeting, then publishing the finished presentation with a secure link.

Ecos has permission management built in, which means you control the changes that are possible once the presentation is published for use.  From simple viewing rights (perfect for sharing with a sales prospect) to full editing and administrative rights, the Ecos dashboard puts you in control of the presentation’s brand consistency from creating to closing the deal.

Know What’s Working and Respond Accordingly

A huge part of being a good salesperson is being able to read the room and pick up on the cues your prospect is sending.  It’s why a face-to-face meeting is preferable to a conference call, and a call is preferable to an email.

Once you leave the sales call, though, your presentation and proposal are still under scrutiny.

Because Ecos presentations are securely hosted in the cloud, you can leave behind or send for follow up a link that allows the presentation/proposal to make its way through your prospect’s review and approval channels.   As it does so, Ecos’ built-in analytics tracking provides a wealth of information about how the prospect is responding to the presentation. From when the deck is opened, to who’s seeing it, to which slides are being viewed, you know what areas of your presentation are drawing the most interest even when you’re not there.

So for example, if Ecos’s analytics show that viewers spend 20 minutes on the slide that illustrated how your supply chain works, you might initiate a follow-up call to proactively address a prospect’s interest.

Jane, we discussed MyCo’s third-party logistics partner and how it could help lower your inventory costs. Would it be helpful to connect you and our VP of logistics to discuss any questions you might have?

This is all visible via an intuitive, C-suite-ready dashboard that makes it easy to visualize who’s seeing your proposals and what portions they’re most engaged with.

And for organizations who use SalesForce, Ecos has baked in a powerful integration that allows you track what content is being viewed by a customer, prospect, or contact, providing valuable insight to what portions of your pitch are resonating and what parts need to be more focused.

For as similar as their missions should be, a costly divide often exists between marketing and sales. Disconnects between sales strategy and marketing campaigns. Out-of-sync sales and messaging cycles.  Misdirected communications initiatives. And far more effort being expended to create results no one’s happy with. The Ecos online presentation platform is a powerful tool that can close the gap between the two, and help maximize sales.