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How to Turn Your Presentation into a Conversation

We have all sat through presentations that were actually more like a lecture where the presenter was talking at us. On the other side of this, it can be very frustrating on the presenter’s side to not have any participation as well. There are a few tips and tricks we have that might help you turn your next presentation into a conversation with your audience.

Ask questions

If you ask engaging questions, you are more likely to get participation from your audience. It is important to also make sure that you yourself are interested in what you are presenting. If your audience sees passion and interest from you, the more likely they will be to listen and want to learn more, too.

Use fewer bullet points

The less text on a slide, the better. We know you’ve sat in a presentation where the presenter has several points on one slide and then proceeds to read the slide word for word. Yes, no thanks. As a presenter, you should have one (or two) main points on your slides, then expand on those ideas in a more conversational way with your audience. While this sometimes requires more work, it will more than likely pay off in the end as people will probably be paying more attention to you, and not your slides. This could also help to engage more of a conversation with your audience.

Quiz your audience at the end

Who doesn’t like to be quizzed? Just kidding, kind of. Quizzes don’t always have to be something people dread, though. It’s a good practice to have a few questions that you ask your audience at the end of your presentation, and it may or may not be even better if you have some sort of prize to give those who answer your questions correctly. This is not only engaging for your audience but also helps them learn your material. Who knows, maybe quizzing them will prompt them to ask questions themselves.

Turning a presentation into a conversation is not only beneficial to the presenter, but to the audience as well. Conversations are much more engaging and the more people are involved in your subject, the better. Want help creating engaging slides for your next conversation? We can help.