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Onboarding new employees can be a long and costly process for many companies. Human Resources professionals will be the first to tell you that the scheduling and training involved can eat up a lot of time and resources very quickly. Luckily, there are tools that your organization already uses that can help streamline the process, it’s just a matter of finding the right ones.

There are varying statistics and thoughts out there on precisely what it costs to hire a new employee but most seem to agree that it costs a company between 6-9 months salary to recruit and fully train each new hire.

According to the Department of Labor, in December of 2016 there were 5.3 million hires in the US, which is awesome in a post-recession job market. However, in the same month there were also 3 million quits – positions those companies had to turn around and refill (and repay those training costs). That’s money down the drain. So what could they have done differently to hold onto those hires? Perhaps the answer lies in the onboarding process.

An example from my life, when I was in college I worked at a well-established clothing store in the mall near my school. I arrived for my first day of work and found myself sitting in a small office in the back storeroom watching outdated, low budget orientation videos all day and being tested on them.

While my 18-year-old self no doubt found those videos to be boring and pointless at the time, looking back on them now as a professional, I recognize what the company was trying to accomplish. These training videos were their way of onboarding me without having to take the time of an experienced employee, but their content lacked engagement and the delivery fell short.

Using The Right Tools For Onboarding

Getting a new employee’s onboarding right could mean two weeks of training instead of six, and ramping up the process can be as easy as utilizing the assets you already have.

Think about it, the marketing department literally spends all their time promoting your brand, right? They ensure the public knows about all the latest and greatest products you have to offer… so why not “market” your brand to your new employees? HR can easily use the same materials to teach new hires about the company mission, values, story, and voice.

Look at what your marketing team is using to send out emails, communicate internally, and organize their content. Odds are your HR team can be using the same tools AND the same content.

Ecos is a great option for teams looking to organize their assets into categories, give all of their teams access to up-to-date information, and keep everyone on-brand. When a new employee starts at your company, put together a custom orientation package in seconds for them to review and start learning. It can include everything they need to be successful, including any training videos you have in your library. You can even track how much time they are spending with each page or slide so you know they are getting the most out of the information.


Reach out if you’d like to learn more about how Ecos can help in your onboarding process! Here’s hoping we add a little more time back in your day.