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Is it just us, or does it seem like time speeds up a little with every year that passes? We always need just a few extra minutes (or hours) to get everything we need done in the allotted 24-hour time frame. So since (to our knowledge) no one has figured out how to stop time (or add on a bit) we have no choice but to get creative and find new ways to save it. That’s where a presentation tool that contributes to your sales enablement efforts comes in.

presentation-tool-imageIf you already use Ecos, then you know it’s a great tool to help you work faster… but are you using it to your full “time-saving” advantage?

“My favorite thing about Ecos is the Optical Character Recognition,” says Caitlin Mello, Ecos’ Director of Client Success. “Instead of searching your entire company server, opening and closing files looking for that piece of information you need, you can simply type in a word in the OCR Search tool, and it scans your entire library of content and pulls every slide that pertains to your word, even if that word occurs in an image or logo.”

So essentially, Ecos (among other things) provides a search engine for your images (genius and a mega time-saver!).

In the past, how much time have you wasted building a custom presentation for each of your clients? I’m guessing tons. Or say you did attempt to save yourself some time by reusing a presentation, then you ran the risk of using outdated materials, stats, brand imaging – not to mention wasting the client’s time with information that may not pertain to them.

Ecos creator, Ben Rigsby says he uses Ecos all the time to build custom presentations in seconds, sometimes right in front of the client. He likes to do a pre-interview with the room before he pitches so he can find out exactly what the audience is interested in before he begins the dog-and-pony-show. Since he has his entire content library right there at his fingertips he can click on the slides that he wants, remove others that won’t interest them, and get on with the show. Boom, time saved – his and theirs (and since Ecos is device agnostic, if he needs to do a quick demonstration on the fly he can just grab his iPad and have everything he needs right in one place).

“Since launching Ecos, it’s been a lot of fun watching clients use the platform in creative ways we hadn’t necessarily intended,” Rigsby says. “For instance, a lot of people use the auto play feature for their trade show booths as it’s a great way to catch eyes with constant movement. Others have engrained Ecos into their on-boarding and training programs within their organizations.”

Being able to showcase your product continuously (no sales person required) is an invaluable tool in the timesaving continuum.



“I love that you can loop your presentation and hook it up to a screen at an event or in your office lobby. It increases the longevity of your presentation to create engaging visual content for anyone to absorb as they are walking by or have a few minutes of downtime as they are waiting. These days people want visual content in every waking moment – so you can use it to your advantage,” Mello says.

So we’re on track to save some serious time on the front end of a presentation but what about the follow-up?

“I was so excited when I had the ‘ah-ha’ moment that I could create a presentation using Ecos and use that unique link as the place my social media ads went. I was able to see not only the CTR on those ads, but also who looked at the content and for how long,” says SnapShot Interactive Director of Marketing, Kristina Dolan. “Ecos is one of those tools that you start using because you need it to do your job better, but then you begin to uncover other capabilities that you didn’t even know you needed.”

We didn’t know that we needed more time in our lives, but now that we have it – we’re not giving it back. So the next time you make it out of work in time to catch happy hour with friends, or you earn husband or wife points because you made it home in plenty of time to cook dinner, you can thank us and our ultimate tool for saving time on your presentation creation.