Here are some highlights of what the Ecos platform provides your organization:

Central Repository

Create one central place for all slides and content to live. Build your categories, then drag and drop your content directly into their virtual buckets with ease. Organize your library to make the presentation creation process simple for your team.

Activity Dashboard

Don’t miss a beat with the Activity Dashboard for all team members. Every time you log in, see what new slides have been added or changed in your library, who has viewed any of your recent presentations, and go directly to your own presentations to view each one’s analytics.


Share Options

Ecos generates a specific URL for each presentation that lets you to share it with your audience. You can choose to email your presentation to a specific contact, share the link on social media, or send/post the presentation link to a group of people and collect their information.

User Groups

Set up your users and give them different levels of permissions directly in the platform. Let their role determine the content that is presented to them. Team members can then quickly build presentations from any location.


Analytics allow you to visualize your presentation engagements in a new, fresh way.  See your presentations’ performance, engagement and click through rates. Knowing who viewed allows you to better customize your follow up process.

Custom Slides

On top of the standard content your team has access to, you can also build custom slides for each of your presentations. Choose from a suite of layouts with pre-approved backgrounds, fonts and colors, but change up images and content on those slides.

Optical Character Recognition

Using OCR, you can find any piece of content in seconds. When you are looking for a specific slide or image, simply do a search and it will crawl through not just slide titles, but slides themselves. Looking for an image of the United States? Do a search and OCR will find all slides with related images.