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Staying on-brand


Staying on-brand is something we hear about all the time, and for good reason. A well-managed, recognizable and reliable brand is crucial to the positive growth of a business. Even so, it’s an area that companies often struggle to maintain and often drop the ball on. Why? Because, it’s tedious and time-consuming and people are busy enough with their everyday responsibilities. That means that no matter how many company meetings you hold or memos you send out, mistakes are bound to happen. So, before a typo, a misplaced logo, or a poor attempt at humor shoots your brand into infamy – do yourself a favor and read ahead to find out just how simple staying on-brand can actually be.

What is “On-Brand”?

First, let’s identify what staying “on-brand” actually means. We’re not just talking about a logo, or a motto – although those are part of your brand. The term brand actually encompasses every communication your company has with the outside world. Every email, paper letter, advertisement or presentation – all of it needs to be consistent and all of it should convey the same tone, mission and principals.

You may have the best employees on Earth out there touting your brand, but unless you are able to actively control your content, mistakes will ultimately be made. The good news is… there is an unbelievably simple way to do that.

The Solution

Think of Ecos as the mother ship for your brand. Inside, you will find your establishment’s logos, mission, mantra, taglines, images, etc. Anything that is used to represent your company’s identity can live here and can be easily accessed by all of the employees.

Now, those employees… we love them… but we don’t want them going rogue with the brand. So we’ll give them access to the items they need (with a little room for creativity) but we won’t allow them to change any of the brand elements such as the font, color or messaging.

What they will be able to do is easily find the on-brand materials they need to customize a presentation, fine-tune a sales pitch, or send out completely up-to-date digital information. This can include everything from graphs and current statistical information, to brand-approved images, animations and videos.

Likewise, those that do have the authority to make adjustments to the brand – like brand managers, marketers, and senior designers – will easily be able to make changes, which will automatically update across every profile and platform. This also applies to any previously made presentations, so there is no risk of inconsistency if they are ever reused in the future.

Make Updates Instantaneously

Before Ecos, even the slightest of changes to the brand could take weeks, even months to implement across the board. Every tool a company used to promote the brand had to be trashed and remade using the updated logo, font, tagline, etc. ­– and even then you were still bound to see some mistakes. Now, your staff won’t carry the burden of making those updates, Ecos will do it for them! Administrators are also able to monitor what is being created out of those shared materials to make sure it’s in-line with the message. Any problems will be easy to recognize and can be resolved immediately. Simple, right? It’s also easy to implement. The Ecos platform is user-friendly and there are plenty of video tutorials to help you out.

So there you go, staying on-brand… it just got easy. As always, our team is here to help.